Residential services are the inner core that brought Tundra Landscape to its current existence. When we decided to start selling our Landscaping Services, it was made possible by a 2001 GMC Yukon, a small 1980's snowmobile trailer re-build, and our fathers Craftsman ride-on lawn mower. We made it work due to understanding the value that quality work comes down to the people performing the task, where we feel that we exceed. We learned through execution and worked our way up to competitive ranks with this in mind. We know what keeps owners of residences satisfied and through slow growth we have built a strong following and network of valued customers and clients. 

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Love the Lawn

A lawns is more than a place to grow grass. A lawn is a field for the athlete in training. A lawn is a place where families can come together. Lawns are meant to help make memories. Other than regularly watering, lawns require upkeep through aeration , de-thatching and fertilization.

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Landscape & Hardscape

A fire, the smell of fresh mulch, a cool summer night. Enjoying the outdoors can be accomplished a variety of ways. Our goal is to help clients build their dream yards. Whether new construction or a renovation we can help make your vision a reality.


Weekly Property Maintenance

Mowing the lawn can be a chore, a workout, or just a reason to get outside. Let mowing your lawn be our priority, put that gym membership to use, or go take a walk with a friend or loved one. Our dedicated team looks forward to working with your individual maintenance needs.