A garden for those on the go

Warmer temperatures are back for the time being in Chicago! Right on!

With that tidbit of information becoming a reality, a thought pops into to the minds of homeowners throughout the greater Chicago-land area.. “Wow I would really love a garden!” Oh you would!? Are you sure!?

Being a rather intensive gardener myself, I know the amount of time and investment that personal gardening takes. It is a special feeling, and rather rewarding, to produce your own selections of fruits, veggies, and herbs... But with that commitment comes, planning out bed-space in your yard, prepping the ground, bringing in healthy dirt, fighting the never-ending surplus of weeds, and also preparing against pests! Then comes starting seeds indoors months ahead, crawling on your hands and knees to plant your selected green friends, pull weeds that encroach your valued investment, and tend/prune to your plants at their level… Wait don’t forget the fact that you need to have a surplus of sunlight and continuously water your garden to make sure it works out how you planned!

Wow the thought of that to me makes me wish I had the option to buy an Elevated garden bed earlier!...

Elevated garden beds are the answer for an instantaneous and manageable garden space that can be placed anywhere, and moved therein afterwards at your convenience. Ideal for small patios, decks, condos, apartments or anywhere you'd like to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers. These planters area a ready-to-garden alternative that will save you valuable time and further risk of an unsuccessful garden. These planters will add to the aesthetic of your location of choice, as well as produce a bounty of vegetables or fruit for you and your family!

We custom designed a home-elevated gardening planter for a variety of different applications. This unique planter box is designed to allow gardeners to tend to their plants while standing up as to avoid back strain.

Both sturdy and decorative, the elevated planter garden has four sturdy legs that gracefully support a solidly constructed bed that is crowned with Kreg jointed meet-ups.

A storage shelf at the base proves useful for storing small tools and gardening materials. This shelving area can be used for a multitude of different options, ranging from addition planter space, to area for personal composting or storage.

We feel that the addition of durable wheels gives your planter box flexibility that many others may not possess… the ability to travel! Wherever the sun seems to be looking the tastiest for your plants, take them on over there! No need for lifting of heavy planters to and from areas of preferred planting status. Simply release the wheel locks and hit the road! Great for moving indoors during winter to keep plant production going!

The height of the planter helps to greatly defend against many pests who would otherwise use your garden as a nice little snack each day. Unless the pests you’re dealing with are 5 feet tall, the Elevated garden bed is a solid defense system. If the pests are in fact over 5 feet tall I cannot help you out. That is also concerning for your safety, not to mention your personal garden… Otherwise we got you covered.

We use durable Cedar to make sure that you get the strongest built planter possible.

By: Dylan Kwiatkowski